Current Donation Benefactors

Venezuela Crisis Relief -
Doctors Without Borders

- All proceeds collected for Venezuela will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders has four medical programs in Venezuela working alongside local and public organizations to provide, malaria testing, medical assistance, and psychological assistance.

For more information on their work, visit:

Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief -
"Puerto Rico Relief Flight"

- All proceeds collected for Puerto Rico will be donated to "Puerto Rico Relief Flight". This organization founded in West Palm Beach, Florida has been airlifting supplies and providing evacuation to the people of PR who were adversely affected by Hurricane Maria since January of 2017 and is now providing aid for everyone effected by the recent high magnitude eathquakes. This organization has transported thousands of pounds of supplies including medical supplies, generators, food, water, and basic necessities. All proceeds will continue to contribute to their relief efforts. 

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Syria Crisis Relief-
Funds to Syrian American Medical Society

- All proceeds collected for Syria will be donated to the "Syrian American Medical Society". This organization is a health care relief agency that works inside Syria and its neighboring countries to treat the sick and injured. SAMS treated more than 2.6 million Syrians in 2016. Donations to SAMS support doctors and health care workers at the organization’s 106 medical facilities.

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Black Lives Matter Movement-
Funds to Black and Brown Founders (Rotating)

"Black  and Brown Founders" is providing community, education, and access for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs, which allows them to build and launch their tech businesses with modest resources. Their support allows business-minded people of color to launch startups without relying on venture capital.

For more information visit:

More organizations coming soon.


Know of An Organization Doing Good That We Should Help?

At Y.M. moda we are passionate about uplifting communities and supporting the people that are actively Being The Change. We cycle through the organizations we support seasonally and always appreciate personal recommendations.

We specifically want to support people that are helping their communities through direct impact. We are most interested in local efforts but are also interested in helping important causes abroad.

Leave us their (or your) organizations information and we'll check it out soon!

If your  recommendation is chosen, we'll email you and post the news on social media!

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